Best of 2014

2014 was an incredible year. I learned a lot. I met amazing people. I grew my business. I made friends. I’m humbled and amazed that you let me into your life for a little bit, you welcomed me into your homes, introduced me to your family, and trusted me to take the photos that I hope have become cherished lasting memories. I couldn’t choose just a few favorites so there are a lot of photos below. Because my clients are so dear to me and the photos hold special meaning. Some make me laugh. Some tug at my heart. They all take me back to that moment in time. I remember. And I smile for what was and for what’s to come.

01C15A0303 copy2 c

02C15A0061 copy bw

02C15A0154 copy c

02C15A2992 copy bw

02C15A3110 copy c

03C15A1605 copy c

03C15A2475 copy bw

03C15A2689 copy c

03C15A3631 copy bw

03C15A3691 copy bw

04C15A5684-Edit bw

04C15A6014-Edit bw

05C15A6325-Edit c

05C15A6481-Edit bw

06C15A0843-Edit c

06C15A9085-Edit c

06C15A9220-Edit c

06C15A9284-Edit c

07C15A8006-Edit bw

07C15A8127-Edit c

07C15A8253-Edit bw

07C15A8318-Edit c


07C15A8602 HEcl

07C15A8687-Edit bw

07C15A8691-Edit bw

07C15A8753-Edit c

07C15A8896-Edit c

07C15A8991-Edit c

07C15A9039-Edit c

08C15A0884-Edit c2

08C15A1343-Edit c

08C15A1459-Edit c

08C15A1662-Edit bw

08C15A1918-Edit bw

08C15A2121-Edit c

08C15A2134-Edit c

08C15A6900-Edit c

08C15A6959-Edit c

09C15A2265-Edit bw

09C15A2619-Edit c

09C15A3454-Edit CL

10C15A4311-Edit c

10C15A4317-Edit bw

10C15A4378-Edit c

10C15A4584-Edit c

10C15A4725-Edit c

10C15A6039-Edit c

10C15A6397-Edit c

10C15A6499-Edit c


10C15A7561-Edit bw

10C15A7599-Edit c

10C15A7607-Edit c

10C15A7784-Edit c

10C15A8475-Edit c

10C15A8655-Edit c

11C15A0197-Edit c

12C15A0484-Edit bw


12C15A2445-Edit c

12C15A2449-Edit c

12C15A2645-Edit bw